An Overview of Panda & Penguin Update in Google’s Algorithm

Many people often do not know the overview of Panda and Penguin update in Google’s algorithm whenever they are looking for ways to improve their search engine results. Smart Spider SEO Facebook will now give you an overview of Panda and Penguin update in Google’s algorithm.

What is Google Panda?

google-pandaGoogle Panda is a change to the search results of Google’s ranking algorithm, which was released first in February, the year 2011. This algorithm has an aim of lowering the rank of those “low-quality sites” or commonly known as ‚Äúthin sites”, while enabling the higher-quality sites to rank higher in the search results. This will also enable those who would wish to visit these sites get the facts that would enable them get those websites that have quality information when browsing over the internet.

Today, people often use other means to enable their websites to rank higher in the search engines without knowing the consequences. This algorithm will only allow quality news websites as well as social networking sites, to rank higher in search engines especially for those who will need them.

In addition, the drop in the rankings for websites that contain large amounts of marketing or advertising has been an issue for the last couple of times. With Google Panda, you cannot build a poor website and use other ranking enhancement methods to get your website higher in the search engines. From the results, it has always been a successful way in which one can choose these alternatives whenever they are seeking these alternatives.

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is another codename for an algorithm of Google that was first updated on April 24, the year 2012. The aim of this update was to help decrease search engine rankings of sites, which violate Webmaster Guidelines of Google using now the black-hat SEO techniques that are involved in an artificial increase of the ranking of any form of webpage through manipulating a number of vital links pointing to the web page.


This idea was to ensure that websites follow the Webmaster Guidelines of Google especially when they need to get more traffic by the number of visitors. How should a website increase its rank? By making sure that a website has the needed content in terms of quality that would enable people to use it, this has always been something special for the people who need to market online. If you want to avoid the mine field and pitfalls that the Google Panda and Penguin bring, it is best to hire a Naples SEO agency, who can take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Then there is no risk of making mistakes and getting penalties on your sites.